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We’re very excited to publish our blog’s 50th post and would like to take the moment to announce what’s planned for the upcoming content on our blog and social media pages. If you’re not following us on these platforms, please do so- you wouldn’t want to miss out on all of the great stuff we have in store for next year! At the end of this article we will reveal our top 3 posts on the blog!

Here’s a quick run-down on some of the things you can expect for 2020:

  • Introducing Before & after videos
  • Dozens of new photos & clips
  • More tips on yard care
  • Insightful bits on turf grass
  • Blog posts on Link’dIn

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Insightful Bits & Tips

We will be posting more insightful bits and tips on subjects like: turf grass, bed care and design. Some future posts will even include information on identifying and understanding the differences between turf type grasses. Also, tips on how to choose which grass seed or sod is best for a new lawn! There’s a lot of great content for the blog underway, so make sure your following us.

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Adding Video

Possibly the best part, we will be introducing video clips of our work to the Apex Lawnco blog, Facebook and Instagram page! These will focus on showing you footage of services being performed, as well as before and after clips. Of course there will be dozens of new photos, as well as before and after comparison shots of projects. By adding more HD videos and photos to view online, we will be able to convey to you and others better insight on what it is that we do, how well we do it and why more people are signing up with Apex Lawnco!

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Read Off Site

Now with the help of blog and social media integration, posts can be read off site (that is the Apex Lawnco website). If you’re following us on Link’dIn you can now receive notifications for and read Apex blog posts through your Link’dIn app. There are quite a bit of exciting things on the way for 2020!

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Mark the Calendar

Don’t miss a beat! Scroll down ever so slightly to view our posting schedule for the blog and Instagram page. And if you know someone who would be interested in our content, please share- they’ll be happy you did.

Blog – every first Tuesday @ 9 a.m.

Instagram – Sun., Tues., Wed. & Thurs.

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Top 3 Posts

We listed below the blog’s top 3 posts in descending order from pick 1 to 3.

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Matt Gehring and Pete Gehring owners of Apex Lawnco
Brothers Matt & Peter Gehring, owners of Apex Lawnco LLC.

We have a growing reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction. Recently awarded “Best Lawn Service” in 2019 (by Expertise.com) and also rated a five-star company on multiple sites. Our team can produce something distinct or maintain your landscape just the way you want it to be!

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