Core Aerating

Our core aerating service for lawns is the perfect solution for compacted hard soil and increasing the germination rate of grass seed. By aerating the lawn you will supply better airflow to grass roots, water will reach deeper into the soil and it will also help prevent soil compaction. Rock hard soil will certainly lead to a patchy and thin looking lawn.

Want to know if your yard needs core aerating? Try this easy soil test: Take a philips-head screwdriver and push it as far you can into the soil. If you had a lot of trouble or the screwdriver was unable to penetrate the ground all the way, you need to aerate the lawn sooner than later.

Break-up Clay Soil

Clay based soils can become hard as stone from the sun preventing water from being absorbed into the soil.

  • Helps loosen hard dirt
  • Decreases thinning of lawn
  • Performed once a year

Long Turf Plugs

Enhance your lawn’s health and overall look by maintaining a good soil medium for the grass to grow in.

  • Promote deeper rooting
  • Increase turf airflow
  • Aids in lawn seeding process

Promote Seed Germination

Core aerating patchy, thin and healthy lawns greatly increases the success rate of seed germination.

  • Seed falls into holes
  • Turf plugs blanket seed
  • Easier for seed to root

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