3 Pruning Tips for Homeowners

Shrubs and Groundcover

It can be a time consuming and maybe even a daunting process at that, to prune all of the shrubs surrounding your home. But there’s good news, you can avoid many of the common headaches and time wasters by following these 3 easy pruning tips for homeowners.

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The Right Gear

First thing’s first, make sure that you’re using the right gear for the right pruning job. There are many different tools for doing a little trimming around the yard, but using the wrong equipment will make your experience much worse than it needs to be.

As a general rule of thumb with your shrubs, use your gas or electric hedge trimmer for the hedges, but grab your manual hand-shears for the majority of the rest.

Ornamental grass at dusk

Bonus Tip:

Don’t prune your Japanese Maple tree with powered hedge trimmers. Manual hand shears are a better choice.

Select A Good Blade

A good blade will deliver an excellent cut and will stay sharper longer with use. When selecting (or buying) a tool for pruning, make sure that the blade is of good quality. It will need to be sharpened less often and won’t wear out from sharpening as fast as cheaper alternatives.

Having a sharp blade is important for two reasons: 1) it will cause less strain to your hands and tools. 2) It will result in a cleaner cut and that’s important to a plant’s well-being.

Know Your Plants

Before grabbing a trimmer and turning your landscape into a plant surgery center, take a moment to do a bit of research on the plants in your yard. Picking-up some background information on the shrubs you’re about to go trim will go a long way in your success and confidence with pruning.

pruned landscape with checkerboard lawn pattern

Tip Recap:

  1. Know that there is no “all-in-one pruning tool” and the wrong tool will waste time or can cause damage to your plants.
  2. A quality and sharp blade is a strain reducer for hands, tools and plants, as well as a time saver.
  3. Some general knowledge of your own plants will serve as a great advantage.

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