Seeding & Aerating Services

Two Seeding Options

We at Apex Lawnco want your lawn to look lush and green all season long, so we offer two seeding options for different needs. Whether you’re in search of a grass seed application for an existing lawn, turf aeration or need lawn patches to be filled, we can take care of it.

Broadcast Seeding

Results from broadcast lawn seeding

The most straightforward and affordable option for lawn seeding is our broadcast seeding services, which are intended for previously established lawns during the Spring season or early Fall. Each application consists of:

  • broadcast seeding with our premium fescue mix
  • Optional peat moss application
  • Optional starter fertilizer application with soil test

For best results we recommend that the lawn be mowed to a lower, but safe height (for the grass) before any seeding takes place. If you need assistance with trimming to an appropriate height, contact us and we can arrange a preparation visit.

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Fall Seeding & Aerating

Results of lawn fertilizer program and weekly mowing

A more complete solution for your property is early Fall seeding and core-aerating. Intended for established lawns, this service consists of:

  • turf aeration to improve airflow and root development
  • broadcast over-seeding application for a thick and lush lawn
  • optional fertilizer application with soil test
  • spot seeding lawn patches for a more uniform look

Core-aerated lawns have a higher percentage of success compared to lawns with compacted (rock-hard) soil. We recommend turf aeration once a year to break down soil compaction and improve overall turf conditions.

About Our Grass Seed

Before and after lawn seeding and aerating

We use a premium fescue seed mix that is great for sunny to moderately shaded areas. Our professionally designed mix has drought resistant qualities and is ideal for lawns with normal to heavy foot traffic, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your newly installed grass.

We provide seeding services once in Spring and again in the early Fall season for maximum results (applications are optional). We do not apply grass seed until the appropriate conditions and temperatures are ideal for germination, which means you can count on your money not going to waste and more seed taking to your lawn.

Aerating lawn during seeding visit
Lawn care crew aerating lawn during grass seed application visit.

Apex Lawnco offers a variety of lawn care services and solutions that you may be interested in like: fertilizer programs and lawn mowing services.

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