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We’ve compiled our next 5 Quick Tips (found on Google), which we have been posting once a week for the past few months. Read the first five Apex Tips.

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mulched planting beds

Quick Tip #6: Mulch Amount

When applying mulch to planting beds make a consistent layer that’s 1-3” inches deep. Keep in mind that bark-based mulch will decompose into soil much faster than wood chips.

poor soil

Quick Tip #7: Soil, Why Care?

Soil can make or brake any lawn, so before applying seed, sod, fertilizers and the like, be sure to have a simple soil test taken.


Quick Tip #8: When To Mulch?

The type of mulch being applied will determine how often it will need to be re-mulched. Generally, mulch with more wood chips should be mulched every 1-2 years. Finely shredded bark mulch may need an additional top-dressing within a year of the first application.

mowed lawn with stressed grass

Quick Tip #9: Burn Lines

Avoid them if you can! When grass is mowed continuously in the same direction, burn lines appear within the lawn. Burning a line pattern into a lawn can cause stress to the plant. This results in thinning, unwanted thatch and poor looking lawns, however Zoysia grass does seem to be an exception to the rule.

composting grass clippings

Quick Tip #10: Compost Maintenance

When storing compost piles be vigilant with turning your compost bins to avoid vermin and unpleasant bugs. Remember that grass clippings can reach up to and over 110 degrees and to always wear gloves to avoid being burned.

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