Behind Mowing & Striping

Personality To the Lawn

Behind mowing and striping is about how a mower operator is able to enhance interest and give personality to the lawn. With a handful of techniques and experience, one lawn mower can bring a property to a whole new level.


Mowing diagonal lines into lawn creates direction

These diagonal stripes are used to move the eye in the Northern direction of the yard leading to several other areas.

The Interest

Mowing directs eye to highlights of the yard

Mowing curved lines towards the interests of the yard highlights this fountain and playground area.

Thin Edge

Subtle edging between turf and paved area

A thin edge that maintains a subtle, but distinguishing border line between the turf and the hardscape path.

Decorative Patterns

Mowing stripe patterns enhance lawn

Decorative patterns like these crossing stripes enhance the property’s overall appearance while also connecting different sections of the property.

Stripes That Compliment

Diagonal stripes complement landscape features

Mower used during lawn cut creates consecutive diagonal stripes that compliment other parts of the property.

Well Manicured

A well manicured lawn

Weekly mowing visits provides this lawn a well manicured feel with sharp edging and trimmed borders.


Mowing lines make yard appear wider

Lines that make the yard look wider and longer than it actually is by distorting the eye’s perspective.


Lawn striping for holidays

Interesting striping pattern mowed into lawn for an upcoming holiday celebration.

Clean Look

Clean front yard with no bagging clippings

A clean look is produced for this front landscape despite not bagging any grass clippings during lawn cut.


definition between lawn and brick creates contrast

A difference in contrast from one area to another presents an interesting landscape every time.

Exciting Design

exciting design patterns for mowing

An exciting design creates a feeling of cleanliness and attracts positive attention. Great for special occasions or generating something unique for a landscape.

More Stripes

curved stripes in lawn give personality

Striping can turn flat boring turf into something interesting and direct the human eye to specific areas of a yard or landscape to maintain a good flow. Cleanliness, contrast and a “personality” can all be managed as well as enhancing the overall property.

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