Five Tips for Fall

The Perfect Time

As the days grow closer to the end of the year, it marks the perfect time for any homeowner to get their property prepared for the Spring season with these five tips for Fall. Scroll through our blog to grab more tips!

Each Fall Season

Each Fall season trees begin to shed their leaves, plants lose their flowers and the lawn goes into a dormancy. Most yards begin to look a little on the messy and dreary side- it’s time to get the property ready for the Spring months and to add a little color. Issues can arise from lack of basic bed and lawn care, so it’s important to stay up with them for best results.

The following five tips won’t cover everything, however it will give you some insight and a better understanding of how to better prepare your yard for the best results with your plants, as well as some advice on seasonal color.

Curb before removal of Fall leaves from grass

Tip #1: Removing Leaves from Lawn

Removing leaves from the lawn and yard debris, like twigs, is crucial to avoid dead patches in the lawn from dying off grass. Bits of debris and Fall leaves can also dramatically affect the lawns growing and self seeding process due to lack of light from debris.

  • Remove leaves weekly
  • Collect twigs & sticks
  • Remove any mulch in grass
  • Thoroughly rake or blow off lawn in late Fall

Tip #2: Perennial Preparation

Generally easy to do, perennial preparation for the Spring can promote better looking and healthier plants for your gardens. The two things to keep in mind are:

  • Removal of dead leaves
  • Removal of debris in or around the plant

Trimming down certain perennials is also important, but be sure to look up each plant to see how to properly prune them.

Bonus Tip:

Cut down the workload and hassle during the upcoming Spring season by redefining or edging your planting beds. This will help retain the beds’ shape and border as well as minimize weeding time by preventing creeping grasses from invading you planting beds.

Pruned hedge and evergreen tree

Tip #3: Prune In Early Fall

Retain your shrubs’ health and glow by remembering to prune in early Fall. Keep heavy pruning to a minimum once the likely first frost is a month away. Some issues from late Fall pruning can include:

  • Frost damage on tips
  • Wind burn on new growth

If you’re concerned about shrubs growing back too fast from early Fall pruning, don’t be! The Fall season is one of the slowest growing seasons of the year, so for most plants this should not be an issue.

Tip #4: Trim the Knockouts

It’s okay to trim the Knockouts as far back as two feet in height! Knockout Roses can be pruned once they’ve reached a height of four feet- generally about three seasons in the ground. This will result in a better outcome for the plant and yourself the following year. Here’s why:

  • Roses don’t become top heavy & lean out of place
  • Plant will return back to height in time for blooms
  • Better blooms the following season

Long planting container filled with colorful pansies

Tip #5: Brighten Up Beds

The worst part about the late Fall is living with a dull brown yard, however you can brighten up beds to bring back some life with annuals! Adding flowering annuals like Pansies to select planting beds or containers can dramatically enhance the appeal of your property. But like most things- you get what you pay for, and there’s no exception with pansies. To get the most out of you annuals, do the following:

  • Purchase only high quality annuals, in return they’ll perform better
  • Choose a complimentary color to your house
  • Dead-head plants when necessary

Tip Recap

Here’s a tip recap to help summarize the post:

  1. Remove all yard debris from lawn
  2. Remove debris & dead leaves from perennials
  3. Do heavy pruning during early Fall
  4. Trim back Knockout Roses
  5. Add color to yard with annuals

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