Results with Grass Seed

Having a fantastic looking lawn isn’t so difficult when you’re equipped with the right information and expert services that Apex Lawnco LLC provides. Anyone can get the most out of his/her turf and grass seed with these easy to follow instructions that will ensure healthy steady germination and development for a thick lush lawn.

How We Seed Lawns

Grass seed can be applied to completely bare soil, patchy lawns and full-looking lawns, but to get the most out of the seeding we offer a few services to make it happen.

Essentially a dead curb line with a few clumps of Tall Fescue remaining due to drought in September of 2019.
After Fall seeding & core aerating with plenty of water in 2019.
After first cut in Spring of 2020.

As you can see in the photos above, we were able to take a seemingly dead curb line and turn it into a lush green strip of grass. The before and after pictures were taken over 5 months time showing how well the seed took.

Here is a nother example in the photos below, but this time the property already had a lawn established. It suffered from ugly patches and thinning in the grassy areas of the yard. After aerating thoroughly and applying a premium fescue seed mix the lawn was looking full and green again by the following Spring when the last photo was taken.

Before & after photos of our lawn seeding, fertilizer application and turf aerating service.

Both lawns were very successful in results, however providing the right care during and after seeding was critical. So below we have provided some instructions to get results with your new grass seed.

Best Results with Your New Lawn

  • Aerate if soil is hard & compacted
  • Water thoroughly daily & more frequently during hot days until grass has matured
  • Do not allow grass seed to dry out
  • Avoid foot traffic on seeded areas for a few weeks (including dogs)
  • Fertilize your lawn at minimum recommended applications or better
  • Seed yearly to keep appearance & minimize lawn weeds
Green lawn on March 17th; on our weekly lawn mowing, fertilizer program & Fall lawn seeding. No in-ground irrigation with minimal watering.
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