Pruning & Topiary Work

It has been a busy and wild year so far and our blog has been looking a little short on the posts. We had to get something up and we thought pruning and topiary sounded like a good topic. Some of the work includes: spirals, hedges and topiary balls.

Cone Shaped

It’s easy to forget how amazing an Arborvitae tree can look once trimmed into shape! This narrow cone shape tree can really add some variety to the mix, and what it lacks in range of color, it excels in adding interest all year long.

This is one of our favorite photos taken this year.

A more difficult job, trimming and shaping a handful of small cones. Getting them all looking alike was the trick here.

Hedge Pruning & Shaping

During a Spring cleanup and mulching visit in West Berlin, we sheared and shaped this Japanese Holly hedge with great results. This set of before and after photos speak for themselves!

We think this curved hedge really compliments the hardscape stairs and we were able to prune it back from the stone nicely while retaining it’s form.

Topiary Balls

Sometimes shrubs get a little too big and need to be sheared back to size and that’s exactly what we did at this commercial building in Collingswood. Quickly we were able to accomplish a desirable size and shape for the client and any passerby.

Keeping these three topiary balls round and short was a priority during our Spring pruning visit in Haddonfield. They look especially good with the pink flowered Coral Bells.

Spiral Topiary

This spiral Boxwood is our favorite example of some of the results we’re able to achieve for our clients!

Another spiral we completed this season, but this time much, much bigger! This one is a wild one and a lot of fun to prune.

Small Tree Trimming

During a routine maintenance visit our crew removed all deadwood and crossing branches from this beautiful Japanese Maple. The stone works nicely with the red leaves of the tree.

A great example of how awesome a Crepe Myrtle tree can look with a little time and the right kind of pruning.

Get A Quote on Pruning

We offer pruning services for shrubs, small trees, ground-cover and topiary. Apex Lawnco places a strong focus on balancing practicality, style and the health of the plant when trimming. Our equipment is continually maintenanced, so our tools can deliver precise and clean cuts every visit. This ensures a quicker and smoother healing process for shrubs and trees alike.

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