Photos: Before & After

Part One

This post acts as part one of our Before & After 2020 series. Photos highlighting the results of landscape services like: weed removal, pruning, mulching and lawn care. Check back for part two coming in the near future.

Removing Vines from Fence

This chainlink fence was loaded with Virginia Creeper coming from the backside. We were able to uncover the fence by removing all of the ugly vines and pulling out the roots.

Weeping Cherry Pruning

We came across this beautiful Weeping Cherry during a Spring cleanup and had to balance the tree by pruning all low or upright branches, as well as remove any deadwood from inside the canopy.

Preparing Tree Ring for Mulch

A tree ring that was starting to get a lot of grass and weeds growing in it and needed a fresh layer of mulch. We removed weeds, redefined the edge, re-sloped the bed, tamped and installed color enriched black dyed mulch.

Edging Overgrown Grass

This lawn was already encroaching onto the sidewalk by a few inches when our crew made a visit to establish an edge and remove the overgrowth. Now it only needs a little pressure-washing to remove the dirt stains.

Creating A Flower Bed

We received a request to cut-out and install a flower bed for a row annuals along a white vinyl fence. The bed to be was marked, the grass scraped out to a good depth and mulch was applied to keep the weeds down.

Backyard Sod Installation

From bare to lush! A backyard in much need of a new lawn, this project two days to grade all the new topsoil and install the the Fescue mix sod. The client was extremely pleased with the results.

Weed Removal By Hand

Broadleaf weeds and grass beginning to take over this rose bed were fully removed by hand. We focus on removing the roots to ensure they don’t come back.

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