Success with Sod

When attempting to establish a new lawn homeowners have two options: seeding or sod installation. Both have their pro’s and con’s, however sod offers instant satisfaction. To insure that the sod takes well and the best possible results are achieved, we’ve put together a handful of tips and facts that every homeowner should be aware of before starting a sod project.

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What You Need To Know About Sod

Sun Light for A New Lawn

Before you hire a service or buy sod for your project, you will want to get an idea of how much sun light your new lawn will be receiving once installed. This is important, because you will want to get sod with the right type of grass for the amount of light the area is given.

The easiest lawn to grow is the one that gets a lot of sun! Sunny areas are much more flexible and any type of grass will do just fine. Shaded areas on the other hand are a different story- look or ask for sod with fine leaf fescues like Hard Fescue or Creeping Red Fescue due to their strong adaptability to less sun light. Other types of grasses have a likely chance to die off in shaded areas after installation.

Soil Preparation

Soil preparation can easily be forgotten about, but can make or break that picture perfect lawn you plan to have. All sod should have a good inch or two of top soil mixed in with the existing soil. Also, be sure to remove any pre-existing grass or weeds from the area you plan to sod.

Having a good base for your new lawn will have a large impact on the overall growth and success the lawn will have.

What To Do About Watering Sod

Watering is the third major factor to consider for sodding a new lawn. Make sure a watering system is setup before applying any sod. Though in-ground irrigation is generally more convenient, any sprinkler that can cover the entire lawn with water will do a good enough job to keep the grass hydrated.

Before the sod is fully established, it is important to water the grass more often, so the sod does not dry-out. Watering time should be cut back is the soil under the sod begins to become muddy.

Interested In Seeding?

Check out our post on lawn seeding for tips on getting the best results for your lawn.

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