Before and After Photos 2018

Overgrown Beds

Here are a few comparison shots of overgrown beds during early Spring in need of our cleanup services: weed removal, edging, soil roughing and minor grading work. We recommend installing a premium natural mulch as a weed barrier to prevent over-growth and improve soil conditions.


This large bed was fully weeded, edged and graded along the back for a smooth flat edge against the house, as well as the front of the bed to form a more gradual slope.

Here the lawn had been growing into an adjacent shrubbery bed, so the Apex Lawnco team re-established an edge and quickly removed all of the undesirable grass.

Last on the post is a bed that simply needed some light maintenance and leaf removal. Than, it was re-edged with a slightly deeper edge to ensure that any new mulch would remain within the border and not wash-out into the lawn.

• Lawn Care Tip: be sure to keep your mulch off of the grass- it will kill your lawn and leave patches in little time.

Learn more Lawn Care tips here.

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