5 Lawn Tips for Homeowners

Easily keep your lawn looking green and healthy this Spring and Fall with our 5 simple lawn tips for homeowners. Learn 5 more tips from are followup post More Lawn Tips for Homeowners.


Avoid watering your lawn during the day and evening to prevent fungus and burning from the sun. Try to water in the morning.

Also, make sure your turf is wet/soft after watering, but not sobbing wet, or puddling. Don’t over-water the lawn.


Aerate your lawn once a year for proper root development. If done correctly, your lawn will be much more durable and green during the hot summer months. Aerate each year.


Have the lawn cut once a week to avoid scalping the grass. Scalping is removing more than 1/3 of the blade (grass leaf), causing damage and yellowing to the lawn. Mow every week.


Have as much lawn debris removed off and out of your lawn to avoid bald-spots and thin-looking grass. Keep the lawn debris free.


    Try to water in the morning
    Don’t over-water the lawn
    Aerate each year
    Mow every week
    Keep the lawn debris free

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