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Getting Grass To Grow

This is a follow-up post to 5 Lawn Tips for Homeowners.

Lawn care can be a tricky operation and grass can be effected by all sorts of issues that prevent it from being a great looking lawn. Even though at times lawn care can become a complicated and confusing subject, these few tips should solve some of the common obstacles that lawn owners struggle with.

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Poor Seed, Poor Results

This cannot be emphasized enough. There are several types of grass seed and mixes on the market, but too many are of poor quality and thus deliver a poor outcome.

spotty lawn patches

Do a little homework to find a good grass seed provider near you. You may end up paying a bit more for it, however we’ll bet you’ll be more satisfied with the end results.

Soil Test

Before applying seed, it’s a good idea to take a soil test. This way you can determine if your soil is lacking or too abundant in a specific element(s).

You can purchase a soil tester, or take samples of your soil and send them to a special lab that will give you very specific findings (this is the more thorough route).

Lawn with diagonal striping lines


Yes, this sounds like a cop-out for a tip on lawn care, but it couldn’t be more true. As stated earlier, lawns can be tricky to deal with and having a little patience is necessary at times when trying to get that perfect lawn.


  1. Invest in a good grass seed mix and try to avoid tempting alternatives that are cheaper.
  2. Get a soil test before seeding your lawn, so you know if the soil conditions are suitable for growing seed.
  3. Give yourself time to diagnose issues and your lawn time to adjust to changes you make.

Lawn with wavy striping lines

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