Spring Portfolio 2019

Here we have curated a handful of photos highlighting our work from the Spring months of 2019. For this post we wanted to give some insight into what the company has been up to this busy season. Our Spring Portfolio includes projects and tasks like:

  • Lawn renovation results
  • Mulching & cleanups
  • Mowing & lawn maintenance

before and after lawn renovation

1. A property on our 5-step fertilizer program, weekly lawn mowing and underwent our fall lawn renovation treatment (seeding and core aeration).

mulch and shrub pruning

2. This property received a spring cleanup, shrub pruning and a fresh layer of color enriched mulch.

installation of wood chips

3. Refreshing a large area with wood chips and resetting decorative stone paths.

renovated lawn

4. Another lawn on our 5-step fertilizer program, weekly lawn mowing and Fall lawn renovation.

cleanup of stone bed

5. Spring cleanup including removal of tree debris from stone bed.

lawn to pavement edging

6. Property receiving weekly lawn mowing and right-angle lawn edging.

These photos depict only a few of the jobs and projects that we have been working on, be sure to check back for more updates and photos of Apex Lawnco’s work.

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Our Crewmen

Apex Lawnco’s crew are friendly, knowledgeable and well trained in landscape maintenance techniques. From fertilizer applications to sod installation, they are glad to help with any of your needs.

apex lawnco employee cleaning curb-line

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