Count-down to Clean-up

Weed Removal & Spring Clean-up

Spring is right around the corner and most properties will need some quick care to get them ready for the 2019 year. Don’t allow the season to get ahead of you, be sure to get your property under control with one of our professional and knowledgeable crews.

Our clean-up service will get your property into shape and looking great. From picking-up the scattered lawn debris to getting your window-view back from  the overgrown shrubs in the front yard. Our clean-up service includes: removal of weeds in garden beds and stone beds, leaf and stick removal, edging of beds, shrub pruning, ivy trimming and debris disposal.

Add a layer of our premium or natural mulch to your beds as an effective weed barrier and insect repellent. We provide several options to cover all of your needs, including: Hardwood, Cedar, Licorice and Color Enriched. To learn more about our mulch and mulch related services, click here.


For a lower-maintenance solution, consider stone beds and pathways. They prevent weeds much like mulch, however they offer a different look to break-up your landscape. They can also offer a more permanent fix, compared to mulch, for those working with a smaller yard care budget. Apex Lawnco provides an array of sizes, shapes and colors for stone. Contact us for more information.

We specialize in residential landscape maintenance, let us take care of the hard work so you can get back to enjoying your weekend. Contact us today for a free quote!

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