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In this post we’ve compiled our first 5 Quick Tips (found on Google), which we have been posting once a week. For great lawn care advice, check out 5 Lawn Tips for Homeowners.

Apex Lawnco offers a variety of lawn care services and solutions that you may be interested in like: fertilizer programs and lawn mowing services.

Quick Tip #1: Watering Lawns

Moisten the soil of your lawn deep enough to penetrate the root zone. To water 6 inches deep into the soil, apply 1-1.5 inches of water to lawns with clay soil. Apply only a 0.5 inch of water to sandy soil and apply more frequently.

For most lawns in our state, watering heavily more than 2 times a week is generally considered excessive and unnecessary.

Quick Tip #2: Lawn Stress?

It’s common to think of mowing as a good thing for grasses when looking at a freshly cut lawn or putting green, but it’s actually a stress on the plant.

A lawn only tolerates, not appreciates a nice mow.

Quick Tip #3: Healthy Turf

Take measures to build-up new topsoil for the following season. This will provide beneficial nutrients to the lawn and result in healthier, better looking, grass. One way this can be accomplished is by adding grass clippings back into the lawn with mulching blades while mowing.

Quick Tip #4: Lawn Seeding

– As soon as the heat cools down, early Autumn is the perfect time to apply seed to the lawn. If applied correctly, higher rates of germination will occur resulting in thicker fuller grass and less lawn weeds.

Quick Tip #5: Mowing Height

When trimming lawns at higher lengths, be sure to check for and address any signs of fungi. Mowing at taller heights makes the grass more susceptible to fungi and even more so with frequent trimming.

But be sure not to scalp, or cut the grass too short in order to avoid any damage.

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