Summer Portfolio 2019

Our Work

The Summer portfolio showcases Apex Lawnco’s best work from projects like sod installation, annual decor, landscape maintenance and more. All photos are from the 2018-19 seasons.

We pride ourselves in delivering and maintaining fantastic looking residential landscapes and lawns. Give us a call, or simply e-mail us through our estimate form to see what we can do for you and your property.

Summer Photos

All of the pictures in this portfolio were taken by Apex Lawnco and are of Apex Lawnco’s work.

Over Grown Weeds

over grown weeds in front of fence removal of over grown weeds along fence
Removal of over grown weeds along back fence and soil graded for a level planting bed.

Summer Annuals

flower container full of seasonal annuals
Full bloom flower container with decorative and colorful seasonal annuals.

Striping Pattern

flannel striping lawn pattern
Flannel striping pattern for the holiday weekend.

Balancing Shape

pruning of tall shrub
Pruning excess growth while balancing the shape of the tall shrub.

Defining Borders

redefined tree bed
Close-up of redefined tree bed.

Sod & Topsoil

installation of kentucky bluegrass sod
Installing Kentucky Bluegrass sod on leveled topsoil.

Front Yard Cleanup

cleanup of front yard
Cleanup of front yard including: weed removal, bed edging, shrub/ tree pruning, lawn mowing and mulching.

Fuller Looking Lawn

grass and lawn ivy
lawn ivy removed and seeded
Removal of lawn ivy and weeds growing in shaded area. Then over-seeded resulting in a thicker and fuller looking lawn.

Planting Beds

seasonal color with annuals
Summer annuals & perennial grasses arranged in medium sized planting bed.

Sharp Landscape

diagonal lawn stripes
Diagonal lawn stripes create a sharp and exciting look to a front landscape.

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Apex Lawnco’s crew are friendly, knowledgeable and well trained in landscape maintenance techniques. From fertilizer applications to sod installation, they are glad to help with any of your needs.

push mowing front lawn

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