5 Post Seeding Tips

Whether or not a hired professional has applied the grass seed, it is important that the seed be cared for by the homeowner until the new grass has become fully established. The care needed is generally minimal and takes little time to do. Here are our 5 post seeding tips to help guide you through the establishment process for a newly seeded lawn.

curb line with green grass

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Maintenance & Care:

  1. Water grass seed to keep moist; don’t allow it to dry out before germination. If the soil begins to appear muddy, cut-down the amount of watering slightly and re-check. 
  2. Areas in full sun may require more frequent watering than those in shaded areas. 
  3. Try to keep foot-traffic to a minimum on all seeded areas for at least 2 weeks. 
  4. Before mowing, wait 2 weeks or until new grass has grown to 3.5” in height. 
  5. Apply fertilizer 2-4 weeks after seeding (if desired). 

crewman blowing off lawn and street

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