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We offer many quality lawn care and landscape services that you may also be interested in like: flower installation and mulching.

What’s A Final Cleanup?

landscape maintenance cleanup with debris removed

Final cleanups are the best way to get your property looking great and prepared for the upcoming year. Designed to give your landscape a full maintenance service by removing unwanted yard debris while also preparing perennials, shrubs and planting beds for the winter months. Our final cleanup service includes:

  • Leaf & stick removal
  • Perennial trimming
  • Removal of annuals
  • Light shrub pruning
  • Bed Redefining
  • Lawn mowing & border trimming
  • Mulch top-dress (optional)
  • Hand Pruning (optional)

Get the Details

Listed below are the specific details for each service we provide in our final cleanup.

Leaf & Stick Removal

All leaves and sticks are collected and removed from the lawn, planting beds, within shrubs, groundcover, window wells and paved areas by professional blowers or raked-out manually. Careful consideration is given to plant health with removal, as well as minimizing the removal of mulch and stones from beds.

Perennial Trimming

Fountain grass trimming with perennial plants

All desired perennial plants like Hostas, Coral Bells and Daylilies are trimmed in preparation for the following growing season while providing a clean look to planting beds.

Removal of Annuals

Annuals to be removed from planting bed

Flowering and non-flowering annuals planted in beds and containers that have past their best days are removed and holes filled-in. Installation of winter pansies may be provided as a separate service for some seasonal winter color.

Light Shrub Pruning

Light pruning of hydrangea shrubs

If necessary, some minor or light pruning of shrubs can be performed to tidy-up the landscape. Apex Lawnco does not recommend heavy pruning of shrubbery during the colder months.

Bed Redefining

Redefining or edging is provided in all of our cleanup services to prevent lawn over-reach into planting beds.

Lawn Mowing & Trimming

Lawn mowing and trimming

A final lawn cut at a recommended height of 3.5″ or less is also provided to keep turf looking great throughout the late Fall. Striping patterns like diagonal, checkerboard or vertical lines will be mowed into lawn for a finished look.

Optional Services:

Optional services like mulch top-dressing and hand pruning of plants like roses and perennials can be requested prior to service visit.

Mulch varieties include:

  • Premium Hardwood
  • Color Enriched Black Dye

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Lawn and paved areas covered with leaves

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